custom-made and repairs

violin, viola, cello, contrabass

selling to order

bows, boxes, wrapping for boxes, strings and other accessories



My first contact with musical instruments´ making was in 1990 when I visited as a 13-year-old pupil the Training College /school / in Luby near Cheb town. The next year I started to study a violin-maker specialization at this school. These studies have given me an experience how to work with wood, touch and details.

After my final exam I worked as a violin-maker until 1999 when I have got an offer to teach at the school in Luby. There I stayed for 3 years. I should have stayed even Langer but I left for work to the South Korea ... and my wish to travel abroad came true. I have reached of many experiences, e.g. in making or repairing instruments and also in communication with people and in style of life there as well. After 2 years in Asia I came back to the Czech Republic. In the beginning of 2006 I started to work as a violin-maker in my workshop here in the town of Strani – Kvetna. self

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